Innovation in motion.

PoseTracker is the first real-time human body movement analysis API. Ultra-stable for your mobile and web applications. Powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision. Created by developers, for developers.


Available exercises

10 000+

Counted fitness reps


Used in production

Quickly add on-edge real-time pose detection technology and motion tracking to your app or service.

We provide many features you can use.

  • Unique and easy way to integrate pose estimation & pose detection. Without SDK 🤓
  • Edge-based motion tracking and analysis, stable for iOS, Android, and web development.
  • Motion tracking with pre-trained fitness exercises available.
  • Exercise repetitions counter.
  • Real-time analysis of fitness exercises with extensive data and recommendations.


Let's choose the plan that suits you best and explore it with joy and good spirits. 🤩


  • Body Tracking
  • Repetition counter
  • Only non-commercial use
  • 1 000 API calls / monthly



  • Access pose estimation data
  • Angle calculations & tracking
  • Commercial use
  • 10 000 API calls / monthly
  • [Coming soon] Motion analysis and recommendation

$20 / monthly


  • Including Developer Plan features
  • API usage analytics
  • CUSTOM API calls / monthly
  • Custom Measurement Development
  • Custom Exercises Development

CUSTOM price

Integrate PoseTracker to your app today.

Start for free and upgrade your plan later. 🚀

PoseTracker API

A cutting-edge solution for pose estimation and tracking, with seamless React Native integration of the PoseNet TensorFlow model.

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